Passport Renewal Saga – 1

I recently went on to the passport office website to get information about renewing my daughter’s passport. I found out the new ‘beta’ service, and I thought I would give that a go.
After completing the online application, having the photos done, form and photo countersigned, all was sent off to the passport office in Liverpool, and the wait started.
Then the day after the application was sent off, the news headlines started talking about the huge backlog at the passport office, long delays for passport application processing, and government ministers reassurances that all is under control. Apparently the subject featured at PMQ too.
Although fortunately we have no travel plans in the near future, I still thought it might be interesting to document this renewal application. So here we are.
When I completed the online application, the status went to “Awaiting information from the applicant“.
I was expecting this to change, once my application was received, which happened on Tuesday:

Proof of delivery

Delivered on Tuesday

However nothing has changed yet as of writing this post on Thursday:

Application Status

Still unchanged 2 days after the application was delivered.


Check back soon for the next post in the Passport Renewal Saga.


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  1. […] when I logged onto the passport office website to check the status of the application, I was pleasantly welcomed by a new status: “Declaration form received, being […]

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