Italy: coup, civil war, or resurgence?

I am getting the impression that Italy is on the brink of something dramatic. In the last few years, the government led by Mr Berlusconi has wrecked the economy, in the pursuit of their own interests, and those who would give people in power a good return.
Parliament has been nothing more that a rubber stamp for laws to allow Mr B and associates to pursue those interests, and avoid having to face the consequences of breaking existing laws.
The media has been subjugated into being the government mouthpiece and censor (even though, by listening to Mr B it seems they are all out to get him).
The judiciary has been obstructed and deligitimized, to avoid prosecution.
The people have not been able to exercise their democratic rights, thanks to a distorted electoral law, allowing the main parties to choose who to send to parliament.

In brief Italy is headed for financial ruin, and democratic disintegration. However, it might not be too late yet. More and more people are waking up from the media (TV especially) induced slumber, and are starting to realize what is going on.

The following scenarios are the ones I see possibly happening:
1) The goverment, or groups close to it, will finally break all pretences of legitimacy, and be done with laws, the constitution, and turn the country’s form of goverment into a tyranny. This would seem the logical next step, for what today is quite close already to an oligarchy.

2) A civil war will break out, as the above is attempted, and large parts of the population refuse to put up with it, and decide to take up the struggle in defence of the republic.

3) A large majority of people will start getting involved in public life, and start a peaceful revolution from the bottom up, legally entering the centres of power, a bit at a time, and putting into play those values that seem to have disappeared from Italian politics, so fostering a resurgence of the country. Moral first, and economical following up.

I really do with for scenario 3), and some hopeful signs are already present (Movimento a 5 stelle (for civil politics), and Il Fatto, for an independent media, just to name two).


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